Welcome to Keski-Puulan osakaskunta -web pages and visiting lake Puula!

Lake Puula is 13.th largest lake in Finland, and it belongs to upper parts of the Kymijoki water system which runs to the Baltic Sea. Lake Puula is located at Etelä-Savo county, belonging to Mikkeli city and Kangasniemi municipality. Puula is named as the “county lake” of Etelä-Savo. The lake itself has wide variety of possibilities for fishing, boating, camping etc. – it is an excellent and widely pristine nature sight for travelers to visit!

Most of the finnish waters are owned by local independent real estates, the shareholders. ”Keski-Puulan osakaskunta” refers to a water area at middle Puula-lake which is owned and managed by the common area shareholders. Keski-Puulan osakaskunta is the largest inland fisheries area in Finland.

For fishermans Puula offers huge possibilities! There’s common finnish fish species as well as huge fast-growing lake salmon and brown trout. No matter what time of the year it is, Puula always offers something to fish for!

In Finland fishers of age between 18-64 must pay the national fisheries management fee. The fee itself is also a fishing license, which entitles fishers to fish with one line/lure throughout most of the whole Finland, except running waters, sanctuaries and water areas that requires special licenses. For other type of fishing (trolling, gill netting, etc.) fishers must also have the water areas owner license. Keski-Puulan osakaskunta sells different licenses – more info: https://www.keskipuula.net/images/Pdf/A3_juliste.pdf

Minimum catch size:
  • Lake salmon: 60 cm
  • Char: 60 cm
  • Brown trout (adipose fin clipped): 50 cm (recommended 60 cm)
  • Pike perch: 42 cm (recommended 50 cm)

Only adipose fin clipped trouts can be taken as catch. All non-clipped fish must be released back to water no matter of their condition. Migrating brown trout and lake salmon are protected by the finnish legislation, less the stocked adipose fin clipped fishes.

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